Steps to building a successful training business

Steps to building a successful training business - The first part of this is listed below. The second part – achieving your financial milestone is something I talk about in my 5-day challenge, and you achieve by following the steps below

Your need to set yourself 3 personal financial targets.

  • The first one is your survival income, what do you need to survive and get by. 
  • The second milestone income target is what would you like to earn per month and make some notes about how this will change your life
  • The third milestone income is where you’d like to be in 2 years. What will your financial income be in 2 years’ time.

So, the 7 steps to building a successful training business and achieving your financial milestones are:

Step One – Believe that you deserve to have a successful business and can achieve your financial goals

Self-belief is a powerful thing. I read a book a while ago that discussed psychosomatics. In the book it said that the word comes from ‘Psyche’ the mind and ‘Soma’ the body and I was completely hooked. We are led by our most dominant thought and both the body and mind can affect each other. A positive organised mind leads to a healthy body and a healthy well-kept body leads to a positive mindset. Of course, the opposite is true to, but I want to remain positive

If you think you can, you can and if you think you can’t, you won’t. Believe in yourself and believe in your talent and great things will happen

Steps to Building a Successful Training Business

Step Two – Actually deserve the successful business and financial income based on value

Offer value! There are loads of blogs and posts out there saying you need a mission statement, a vision statement, business goals, a USP and loads more to be successful. These are very important to the success of your business and your mindset but if you are not offering value to your ideal clients, then it’s all worthless.

Your customers will see you for you. If you are offering value in the way that you solve their issues you will have a successful training business. And I don’t mean value for money, I mean your deep-seated core values that are at the heart of everything you do.

Step Three – Develop a plan for achieving a successful training business

We talk about this in the FREE 5-day marketing challenge that reveals how ambitious training consultants, coaches and tutors can start to bring a consistent flow of enquiries and break the 'feast and famine' cycle by following my simple and effective 6-step marketing plan 

You need a personal vision statement to highlight where you want to be, and you need a mission statement to explain exactly where you are, what you do, and how you do it. Then you fill the gap with your business goals to get you to your vision. It really is as simple as that, and yes things will get in the way! Never change the vision, change the steps to get you there.

Your plan fills the gap of where you are now and where you want to be

The Steps to building a successful training business we discuss in the 5 day challenge and the marketing academy will future proof your business. If you're looking to build your business AND create an awesome work life balance where you can spend time on your business and on the things you love to do the challenge is for you

Step Four – Let enough of the right people know about you

One of the most important tasks you need to complete, to help building a successful training business and achieving your financial milestones, is to find your ideal clients and this is easier said than done. Not only do you need to identify your ideal clients you also need to get into their heads so when you are creating your blogs and posts you are talking directly to them. Then of course you have to work out where they hang out.

The right people are the ones that are looking for your services to solve a particular issue they, their team or the business/organisation has. The right people are the ones that will pay on time and work with you. They are the ones that will become raving fans and do your marketing for you.

Step Five – Actually deserve a successful training business and financial income based on work

Do the work! Reading stuff like this is great, taking part in my 5-day marketing challenge is great but if you don’t do the work and take action on the actionable, you’ll only ever remain in the same position you are in now – DO THE WORK

This doesn’t mean you don’t take time for you. Only busy fools work on their business all the time!

Step Six – Stop those that would interfere with you getting the success

You need a bull shit filter, as Ben Hunt Davies says. You need to cut out the negative influences in your life and you need to do it now. I read a book called Rhinoceros Success and it talks about developing a thick skin. I believe I have developed that skin and have learnt to switch off or walk away when there are negative people around. I don’t waste my time and energy trying to argue or change their point of view.

This could be family, the other half, team members, your boss!!, and customers. Only work in and around people who are happy to support your vision unconditionally.

Step Seven – Become consistent and cure yourself of the 3 diseases of non-performance

There are 3 diseases of non-performance, 3 diseases that will prevent you from building a successful training, coaching and/or tutoring business

  • The first disease is excusitis - It’s a killer and there are so many victims out there!! We need more than a few popup ‘Nightingale Hospitals’ to sort this one out. Stop making excuses! Do it now! Set your business goals, set a date on them, and do the work. The only thing that is holding you back is you!
  • The second disease is detailitis - This one does my head in, and I sometimes struggle with the opposite – it’s my character. If you are one of those people that have to have everything in order before you proceed, all the boxes ticked and the I’s dotted you need to lighten up a little and get you stuff out there. The more you post the more likely you are to find your voice. If you are constantly checking your work before you send it, you’re the only one that will see it.
  • The third disease is procrastination - I think everyone suffers this (most days)! Try to organise your day in blocks of 90 minutes. 90 minutes marketing – break – 30 minutes correspondence, 60 minutes networking – break – 90 minutes focused on your website – break etc etc…

Set your alarms throughout the day to remind you and keep you focused.

…and I’m currently analysing the causes and effects of a potential fourth disease which is called blamalitis (probably one of those variant things that’s broken away from excusitis?? 

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Steps to Building a Successful Training Business

Steps to Building a Successful Training Business 

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Steps to Building a Successful Training Business

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Seven steps to building a successful training business and achieving your financial milestone

Steps to building a successful training business