Poor Support from your learners manager

Poor support from your learners manager – I feel your pain 😲

Have you ever been hired to deliver a training session and not got the support from the learner’s manager? I know I have! It’s a real frustration and something I’m conscious of when I design the training sessions I deliver. The 12-month action focused leadership program that I deliver is easier to manage because the team get the continues support from me throughout the 12 months.

But what about one day courses or shorter programs – it can be a nightmare

Poor Support From Your Learners Manager

So, this is what I do:

TIP ONE: Get the Managers Involved

A lot of the time the managers don’t want to get involved in the training because they don’t want to stifle the learning environment which is a shame. What I do is provide the manager with a development plan for each of the learners which can be used at set dates in the future. It’s a good idea for the managers to hold monthly 1:1’s and I quickly work out what their triggers are.

For example, if the manager is more HR focused, I talk around the people, if the manager is more figures orientated, I discuss how the training will impact growth, as long as team members are reviewed regularly. I also put this in writing after the course as a top tip page, so it won’t come back on me.

TIP TWO: Use Support Materials

There are so many ways you can offer these, and they can help close the gap in the learner’s knowledge. Obviously, there are handouts and workbooks, but these tend to be ignored after the training is over. I use short videos that the learner can log into as a reminder. These short videos are on my website so can be accessed at any time (they need a password). I can also add some supporting information where necessary. Using LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool

The learners love it because it’s quick and easy to use

I also ensure that some of the handouts are working documents. For example, in a coaching activity, the learners plan a coaching session and put a date on it. The document needs to be used in conjunction with the meeting, it works well

TIP THREE: Facilitate Virtual Discussions

I hold a ‘what’s holding you back’ call 2 weeks after the training at a mutually convenient time. It’s an opportunity for the team to ask questions and learn from each other’s subject related issues. It’s an additional cost to the client but saves the manager time so they usually go for it.


As part of your marketing, you should consider going live twice a week. I do a ‘Listen Up Trainers’ live on a Monday and Thursday morning at 07:30. These don’t relate to the subjects I train; they cover marketing tips for freelance trainers. But yours could. If you deliver first aid, for example, your lives could be around your topic and your learners could log in to listen.

TIP FIVE: Promote a Mentoring/Support Program

If you get the feeling that the manager isn’t particularly supportive, suggest the team split into small support groups where they can discuss the learning points as an on-going process

One of my 'Listen Up Trainers'

TIP SIX: Build a Learning Portal

Building a learning portal isn’t as difficult as it first seems. I’ve built a Marketing Academy for freelance trainers; they pay for the admission and then have lifelong membership. You could make a learning portal for one course, or a program of related courses and your learners can learn when they are free rather than at fixed times. This is also easier for companies with team members in multiple countries, all their team members receive the same information. 

With the 12-month action focused leadership and management program, I deliver, I have created a ‘learning agreement’ that the learner’s manager signs. The learner receives the agreement sheet attached to the adjoining instructions (all agreed with the manager) and brings it to the first training course. It keeps the learner and the manager accountable and works really well. 

Poor Support From Your Learners Manager

Throughout the years of delivering various training sessions I have designed, developed, and created training games and activities to compliment my sessions. Below are a selection of them - You receive your copy instantly when you pay via PayPal, don't forget to save the download to your files

Coaching Skills for Managers WorkbookCoaching Skills for Managers Workbook


Management Skills for Managers WorkbookManagement Skills for Managers Workbook


Leadership Skills for Managers WorkbookLeadership Skills for Managers Workbook


Managing DISC test paper and eBookManaging DISC test paper and eBook


Managing DISC test paper and eBookManaging EI test paper and eBook


The Big Book of Training ActivitiesThe Big Book of Training Activities


Negotiation Skills Training ActivityNegotiation Skills Training Activity


Decision Making Skills Training ActivityDecision Making Skills Training Activity


Absence Management Skills Training ActivityAbsence Management Skills Training Activity


Time Management Skills Training ActivitiesTime Management Skills Training Activities


Poor Support From Your Learners Manager

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Poor support from your learners manager have you ever been hired to deliver a training session and not got the support from the learners manager - I know I have

Poor Support From Your Learners Manager