My four golden rules for writing great blogs

My four golden rules for writing great blogs 

Blogging is one of those marketing topics that always cause a little confusion. A lot of my clients believe blogging is only for the young, or for students, or people who don’t wear socks with their shoes 😱 (you know who you are)!

So, before I jump into my four golden rules for writing great blogs, I thought it would be a good idea to find out what a blog is. Obviously, I turned to Google to find out.

The explanation I found was:

‘A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style’.

For me there are two main points to the above. The first is website or web page and the second is conversational style

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My Four Golden Rules for Writing Great Blogs

Rule One

Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through! This is such a common mistake.

Don’t think you have to come across all corporate and businessey (if that’s even a word). Write as you talk.

…and this isn’t just blogs, it’s your emails and your web pages too. 

Spill your beans on who you really are, let your personality and that of your business shine through.

That’s the key to making your prospective and current clients want to keep reading what you send

Rule Two

Care about what you say…

And say it with passion.

When all’s said and done what they remember is that you truly cared about them and that you spoke from the heart about how much what you had to say mattered to make their lives better.

Rule three

Never stop learning!

This is so important. You can never sit back and say, “great…now I have got that figured out”

To stay at the top of their game really successful business owners push themselves to see, do, experience and learn new things, all the time!

Rule Four

Go Blog!

Sounds a bit rude – go blog!

The more you practice, the more your blogs and other written material will improve and show your true personality and the personality of your business

You’ve just got to get to it.

Other ideas for your completed blogs

Once you’ve created a blog you can also use it to create a pre-recorded video, a live presentation or a web page.

Loads of people use their blog - their hard work) and create a LinkedIn article, I used to do the same myself. But all this does is send people to their web site (LinkedIn’s) not your web site and that’s crucial for your own marketing.

For example, I wrote a blog titled ‘Shit Rolls Down Hill’. At the time of writing, the ‘shit rolls downhill’ web page/blog was number 2 (sorry for the pun) in Google out of 4.5 million pages. 

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My four golden rules for writing great blogs discussing what is a blog and adding your blog as a web page to drive target customers to your website as part of your marketing

My Four Golden Rules For Writing Great Blogs