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Marketing for Physics Tutors - At Freelance Trainer's UK we are dedicated to supporting freelance trainers, coaches, tutors and other independent business owners with 4 core pillars:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Support
  • Growth

If the uncertainty of future bookings and supporting a family or your lifestyle is the thing that is keeping you awake at night, then this platform - which is run by very successful training consultants - is for you. 

It doesn't matter if you are an experienced freelance training consultant, coach, tutor, or independent business owner or you have aspirations to become one, everyone is welcome (and you don't have to be in the UK either).

Take a look at the video on the right about the FREE 5-day marketing challenge that reveals how ambitious training consultants, coaches, tutors and independent business owners can start to bring a consistent flow of enquiries and break the 'feast and famine' cycle by following my simple and effective 6-step marketing plan 

In the challenge we discuss all sorts of initiatives to help you become a marketing ninja and internet warrior - it'll challenge the way you currently think and promote you as the go to specialist in your field.

Adrian Close - Freelance Trainer and Host of the 5 Day Challenge

More About the Free 5 Day Challenge

The free 5 day challenge is hosted in a private Facebook group which you need to be a member of, the group is only open for a week. The challenge runs from Monday - Friday and will only take up 90 minutes of your time per day (30 mins in the morning and 60 mins in the evening)

There is a task to complete per day and this task is available for 06:00 GMT. You don't have to be there at that time, it's available from that time, so if you want to complete it in your lunch break or you are in a different time frame, you're more than welcome.

At 3pm GMT every day there will be an ask me anything post and I will answer all these questions at 19:30 GMT via a Facebook Live. 

Anything goes and you have me and my knowledge for the week and my promise is that at the end of the week everyone who has engaged during the week will leave with their own framework for a marketing plan that will take your business to the next level.

Marketing for Physics Tutors

Throughout the years of delivering various training sessions I have designed, developed, and created training games and activities to compliment my sessions. Below are a selection of them - You receive your copy instantly when you pay via PayPal, don't forget to save the download to your files

Coaching Skills for Managers WorkbookCoaching Skills for Managers Workbook


Management Skills for Managers WorkbookManagement Skills for Managers Workbook


Leadership Skills for Managers WorkbookLeadership Skills for Managers Workbook


Managing DISC test paper and eBookManaging DISC test paper and eBook


Managing DISC test paper and eBookManaging EI test paper and eBook


The Big Book of Training ActivitiesThe Big Book of Training Activities


Negotiation Skills Training ActivityNegotiation Skills Training Activity


Decision Making Skills Training ActivityDecision Making Skills Training Activity


Absence Management Skills Training ActivityAbsence Management Skills Training Activity


Time Management Skills Training ActivitiesTime Management Skills Training Activities


Marketing For Physics Tutors

Hi, my name is Adrian Close, I am a multi-award winning freelance trainer specialising is leadership development and business growth (you can google me and find my Ultimate Leadership Training website). Leadership and business building are two things I have learnt over the last 20 years, or so, from bloody nose experience rather than ivory tower philosophy.

The main part of my working life is delivering my 12 month action focused leadership program to just 10 clients per year. It's a great program and has awesome results, so the marketing and sales of it takes care of itself.

This also allows me to concentrate on my FREE 5 day challenge and the online marketing academy I have created, again for freelance trainers, coaches and tutors. My intention is to wind down the leadership program to just 5 clients (I love delivering it too much to stop all together) - so for those that are in my tribe of motivated trainers, tutors and coaches, I will be passing out opportunities that arise to you. That may be a 90 minute session, a one day course or a 12 month program. So if your looking to develop as a freelance trainer, this is the place.

I've also created a 'Using LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool' academy which you may be interested in? If so please do get in touch.

And if you need help with creating your own 12 month program this is also something I can help you with. A program like mine future proofs your business. At the beginning of the year I have 10 clients booked in which is 120 sessions. This allows me to have an office day on Monday, delivery days on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and some Thursdays and a day of on Friday, enabling me to spend time with my wife, the kids and in the hills

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Marketing for physics tutors hosted by Adrian Close at freelance trainers UK includes the free 5 day marketing challenge and the online marketing academy free marketing for all physics tutors

Marketing for Physics Tutors