Free Marketing for Mathematics Tutors

Free marketing for Mathematics tutors - This page is for independent business owners who are pissed off with the amount of noise out there on the on-line marketing platforms.

Those that are sick to the back teeth about hearing changing algorithms on LinkedIn and Facebook and that SEO doesn’t actually mean “Student Ethics Office” (if that even exists)??

There are so many gurus and certain platform specialists paying huge sums of money on their Facebook ads (I know someone who's just paid £70k for their latest campaign 😱) to hook you, and me, into their next big thing. You could literally spend hours posting stuff on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, What’s App, YouTube, Tik Tok – have I missed any?? - Reddit is another…and have nothing come back apart from the odd comment or like.

Don’t get me wrong, these platforms (not all) are great for you to network on and get to know people, but honestly, are they that great at selling your products and services?

I don’t think so!

For me it’s a high-ranking website is number one and then email marketing campaigns (sent to people who have signed up to receive your newsletter – they are interested in what you have to say) – is number two.

“Ah, but I don’t have the skills to create a high-ranking website…” and “I haven’t a clue how to set up a newsletter email group…”.

Honestly, if this is the only thing holding you back then we need to have a chat, because if I can do it (Mr Not Many Qualifications at all) anyone can.

Free marketing for Mathematics TutorsFree marketing for Mathematics Tutors

Let me explain about the high-ranking website, email marketing campaigns and free marketing for Mathematics tutors.

Let’s say you have a crippling pain under your foot (bear with me) when you’ve been out for a hike in the hills. The pain wasn’t there before the walk, it wasn’t there during the walk (a little twinge every now and again but nothing to write home about) but after the walk, jeez you can’t put your foot down.

It only eases as you walk it off, but it’s the walking part that’s the issue.

What do you do?

Do you go onto Facebook and ask the question. "WTF is wrong with me?" - Some probably do, and then wait for a response…

…and wait a little longer…

…and wait some more…

…why hasn’t anyone answered me, it’s been 15 minutes – nobody loves me 😭 ??!!

Or do you go onto LinkedIn hoping that you’ve linked with a doctor in the past and that they are just waiting for your enquiry? Doubt it, but possible

Or do you try to get a perfect photo of the underneath of your foot, for Instagram, realising that you’re not a contortionist when you fall on your elbow and instantly wish you had a bucket? 🤢 (Why do they call it a funny bone)!!

Free Marketing for Mathematics Tutors

No! You probably don’t do any of the above, you probably search for it on your favourite search engine, or the search engine that pops up first as you hit your browser.

…and when you do the search, you read about something called 'plantar fasciitis' and think, maybe I should book an appointment at a physio (highly recommended) and then search for your nearest one and book an appointment.

But wait, they can’t fit you in until next week so you Google ‘How to reduce plantar fasciitis pain’ and a whole load of what looks like BDSM gear (last seen on 50 shades) presents itself for you to buy in your favourite on-line shopping portal (⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ - be careful what you search for🤯).

And all this is done in minutes – “At least Google loves me...🥰”

Your ideal clients, or potential ideal clients have a problem, a problem that you can solve. Well, you and your competition! (And I guarantee that they don’t go past the first 10 organic pages, who does) - are your products and services there?!

They search on the internet for the solution – not on the socials!

And have you seen the amount of spam and unscrupulous people on the socials? It’s not very sociable, just full of people trying to give advice for a fee.

Free Marketing Training Course and Coaching for Mathematics TutorsFree Marketing Training Course and Coaching for Mathematics Tutors

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P.S. I’ve just Googled ‘Why is it called a funny bone’ and read this…

What’s so funny about the funny bone? Actually, nothing. This is what you quickly conclude if you accidentally hit just the right spot on your elbow. Suddenly, a shocking, tingling pain shoots right down your elbow, into your hand.

It isn’t even a bone you’ve hit. It’s actually a nerve. Specifically, the ulnar nerve. This nerve, one of the three main nerves in the arm, runs from the neck area and extends to the hand. The ulnar nerve innervates muscles of the forearm, hand and two fingers (the ring and pinky fingers). It is believed to have been named the “funny bone,” because the nerve corresponds to the humerus bone (which sounds like humorous, as in funny). It is also speculated that the term comes from the “funny” feeling of hitting it. (Neurosurgical Associates of Central Jersey)

Well done for them for writing a page on the above subject and being found at the top of the search engine 👊

It doesn’t matter if you are a physical business like a pub or restaurant, a hairdresser or plumbing business or an online language tutor, bookkeeper, or accountant. A high-ranking website should be your number one focus and data capture should be an integral part it.

Data capture being the bit that collects people's data so you can organise an email marketing campaign (my advice is a monthly newsletter).

It's not your customers job to remember to do business with you, it's your job to remind them...!

Join this Free 5-day challenge that reveals how all ambitious private tutoring business owners can start to manage 'marketing overwhelm' and apply a more laser focused marketing strategy by following a simple and straight forward 6-step marketing framework

It doesn't matter where you are in the world and what stage of business ownership you are in, this free marketing training for Mathematics tutors and similar business owners is all held on-line and there's loads of support, knowledge and training waiting for you. 

Free Marketing for Mathematics Tutors

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Free Marketing for Mathematics Tutors