bananarama syndrome

Bananarama Syndrome

I heard the above phrase a while ago at a business conference

“It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it, that’s what gets you results” as the song goes 🎶

This is a post for all freelance trainers, coaches and tutors, in any industry, covering every topic that struggle to get their message out to their ideal clients.

During a recent marketing course, I delivered to a client, we came up with 57 different ways to market a business. Obviously as an independent trainer, coach or tutor, you would struggle to use them all…

…but how many marketing pillars do you use, how effective are they and are you using enough?

I’m hosting a free 5-day marketing challenge that reveals how ambitious training consultants, coaches and tutors can start to bring a consistent flow of enquiries and break the 'feast and famine' cycle by following my simple and effective 6-step marketing plan

Here’s the link to register your spot:

So, what pillars of marketing do you use ❓

Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter? Mailouts? Website?

These are all great ways to market your business but how often do you post on them.

Apparently, Twitter posts last for 15 minutes, TikTok & Snapchat start decaying immediately unless viral, Facebook posts last for 6 hours, Instagram 48 hours, LinkedIn for 24 hours, YouTube for 20 days or more, Pinterest 4 months and blog posts for over a year.

So, with the above in mind, you need to adjust your frequency of how often you post to get noticed.

My issue is that when I am delivering my training, I’m not marketing, and when I’m marketing, I’m not delivering the training that brings in the money. And when I’m hiking in the hills I’m doing neither??! 🌄

Curing The Bananarama syndrome 

I think I’ve found the solution

…and this is what I share in the challenge.

How to constantly market your business without spending hours and hours on the socials

Register your spot on the challenge and ensure what you do gets you the results you need

The Bananarama syndrome

Throughout the years of delivering various training sessions I have designed, developed, and created training games and activities to compliment my sessions. Below are a selection of them - You receive your copy instantly when you pay via PayPal, don't forget to save the download to your files

Coaching Skills for Managers WorkbookCoaching Skills for Managers Workbook


Management Skills for Managers WorkbookManagement Skills for Managers Workbook


Leadership Skills for Managers WorkbookLeadership Skills for Managers Workbook


Managing DISC test paper and eBookManaging DISC test paper and eBook


Managing DISC test paper and eBookManaging EI test paper and eBook


The Big Book of Training ActivitiesThe Big Book of Training Activities


Negotiation Skills Training ActivityNegotiation Skills Training Activity


Decision Making Skills Training ActivityDecision Making Skills Training Activity


Absence Management Skills Training ActivityAbsence Management Skills Training Activity


Time Management Skills Training ActivitiesTime Management Skills Training Activities


The Bananarama syndrome

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The Bananarama syndrome that effects your marketing, are you a freelance trainer, do you struggle getting your products and services out to your ideal clients

The Bananarama syndrome