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Throughout the years of delivering various training sessions I have designed, developed, and created training games and activities to compliment my sessions. Below are a selection of them - You receive your copy instantly when you pay via PayPal, don't forget to save the download to your files

Coaching Skills for Managers WorkbookCoaching Skills for Managers Workbook


Management Skills for Managers WorkbookManagement Skills for Managers Workbook


Leadership Skills for Managers WorkbookLeadership Skills for Managers Workbook


Managing DISC test paper and eBookManaging DISC test paper and eBook


Managing DISC test paper and eBookManaging EI test paper and eBook


The Big Book of Training ActivitiesThe Big Book of Training Activities


Negotiation Skills Training ActivityNegotiation Skills Training Activity


Decision Making Skills Training ActivityDecision Making Skills Training Activity


Absence Management Skills Training ActivityAbsence Management Skills Training Activity


Time Management Skills Training ActivitiesTime Management Skills Training Activities


Adrian Close Trainer

Why free marketing advice? - I’ve always wanted to help people; I get a deep sense of satisfaction from it, I really do.

Weather it’s challenging the way people think during my 12-month leadership training program, pulling people out of a pool when working as a lifeguard, helping kids at my local school attain their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver Award or volunteering for Edale Mountain Rescue - the motivation is always helping people.

When I was younger, I always wanted to be a trainer, originally a physical training instructor (PTI) in the Army. I joined an infantry regiment and drove armoured reconnaissance vehicles and loved it. I soon realised that it was a highly sort after position and the chances of moving into a PTI role quickly was a near impossible one and would take a few years, so I served my time and studied sports management when I left with no regrets.

During my studies I worked a summer season at Butlins as a lifeguard and Red Coat and the following year I worked in California as a child councillor using sport as a medium. Both were fun and challenging positions and San Francisco became my favourite city in the world, still is.

When I returned home from the states, I started working in leisure centers in the three inner city areas of Nottingham creating outreach programs for kids using the knowledge I picked up whilst in the USA. In one of the leisure centers, I thought about working towards a job in social services working with abused kids. A friend of mine, who is a Rastafarian, told me I was the wrong colour and while I understood what he meant unfortunately I was too inexperienced to pursue this idea in a different area.

I left the leisure industry to work in the hospitality industry. I started on a management training program with JD Wetherspoons. At the time the company only had about 30 pubs, so it was a great time to join a growing company. Whilst managing the £multi-million businesses with around 60 staff members I was able to develop my own management style and leadership philosophy. The company paid well and had an awesome bonus structure and shares incentives which I took advantage of. Before I left the company I bought a 5 bedroom house in the French alps as the reward for all the hard work and hours I put in. It is an amazing house and I've always said that looking out of my bedroom window is like looking at the Alpen advert

After Wetherspoons I worked for another company in Cheshire. It was at this pub restaurant that I won several awards including manager of the year and business of the year awards. I also became a part time commercial diver at the Blue Planet Aquarium at Cheshire Oaks, this was an amazing experience and I’d collect the shark’s teeth from the floor (they fall out naturally) and give them to the kids on my out, their faces said it all .

After I left Cheshire I moved to Derbyshire, which is where I live now. I bought a pub restaurant and built the trade from £500 per week to around £20k per week. It was an amazing experience, and the business became the social hub of the village promoting all the local charities and organisations like the school, the WI and the over 60's. I also started my first training business and delivered food hygiene and first aid courses.

The secret to the success of the pub/restaurant I owned was the products we sold, the people we served (team members and customers) and the marketing plans I created.

I know with the right application and consistent approach my 6-step marketing plan will work for any business because it’s been tried and tested on so many businesses, my own and those of my clients.

And that’s about it...

I now spend my time delivering my 12-month leadership training program to 10 clients a year, working with clients in my marketing and web building academy, hosting this FREE 5 day marketing challenge and hiking in the hills with my wife.

Speak soon, Adrian

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Adrian Close trainer is a training consultant specialising in management leadership coaching and HR courses. Adrian Close hosts a free 5 day marketing challenge for freelance trainers

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