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Freelance Trainers UK and further afield - Are you a freelance trainer, tutor or coach who needs a stronger marketing presence online? It doesn't matter weather you specialise in online, virtual or off-line; one to one or group sessions. If you are looking at a way to get your message in front of your ideal client then this is the place for you.

My goal is to help all like minded freelance trainers, tutors and coaches build a business that their families, friends and clients would be in awe of and proud to be associated with. 

So, the big question is this: How are free-lance training consultants, coaches and tutors like us, who don’t take on bank loans, huge credit card bills and government loans, who are spending money from our own pockets, how do we market in a way that lets us get our products and services and the things that we believe in out to the world, yet still remain profitable?

That is the question my weekly lives and my FREE 5-day challenge answers. My name is Adrian Close and welcome to Freelance Trainers UK

In the 5 day challenge:

You'll Discover the secrets, I teach all my clients, how to pinpoint your specific market, create an appealing message to stir their interest and choose the most powerful media to get your products and services in front of them - literally anywhere in the world!

I'll Prove How your website is your strongest marketing tool, bar none, and a simple way you can focus your thoughts, plan your site and add attractive content-rich pages which your ideal clients will love, and your competition would be envious of - resulting in an increase in inbound enquiries from those ready to work with you

I'll Share With You the four types of customers we all have and how to change your message and marketing accordingly. 

You'll be Given Exclusive Access to my private challenge member's Facebook group and my web building and marketing knowledge, which has helped, literally, 1000's of freelance trainers, tutors, coaches and other online entrepreneurs all over the world.

Always remember, it's not your client's job to remember to do business with you. It's your job to remind them and that's why your marketing plan is one of your most valuable assets

Freelance Trainers UK Training Materials

Throughout the years of delivering various training sessions I have designed, developed, and created training games and activities to compliment my sessions. Below are a selection of them - You receive your copy instantly when you pay via PayPal, don't forget to save the download to your files

Coaching Skills for Managers WorkbookCoaching Skills for Managers Workbook


Management Skills for Managers WorkbookManagement Skills for Managers Workbook


Leadership Skills for Managers WorkbookLeadership Skills for Managers Workbook


Managing DISC test paper and eBookManaging DISC test paper and eBook


Managing DISC test paper and eBookManaging EI test paper and eBook


The Big Book of Training ActivitiesThe Big Book of Training Activities


Negotiation Skills Training ActivityNegotiation Skills Training Activity


Decision Making Skills Training ActivityDecision Making Skills Training Activity


Absence Management Skills Training ActivityAbsence Management Skills Training Activity


Time Management Skills Training ActivitiesTime Management Skills Training Activities


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Freelance trainers UK is a tribe of positive, passionate, focused and entrepreneurial minded training consultants who are looking to build their training business, improve their lifestyle and add value to their clients

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